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Phil Wilson

Phil Wilson, like his father before him worked in the brickfields. His grandmother had worked in the pottery kilns.

Phil Wilson

In a field nearby, a young Harry Secombe came for a Sunday School picnic all the way from St Thomas.
Phil Wilson showed John Hayman the remains of a rectangular building that had previously been used as a coal bunker. The branch line from the Rhyd y Defaid Commercial mine (closed in 1907 before the brickworks were built) ran alongside the bunker and coal from the mine was tipped into the bunker. Local farmers could buy the coal from the bunker.
During the 1930s the bunker was used as a leaded light works by a father and son. Many houses in the Wimmerfield area of Killay display leaded light windows.

He lived in this house by Clyne Cottages.

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