Access work is essential to achieving the long-term aim of CVCP – to get people off the main Old Railway Path and into other parts of the Valley, to explore and enjoy this invaluable, natural resource.


Since the inception of C.V.C.P. through our volunteers, many Access projects have taken place and new tasks continue to ensure users can take full advantage of the Valley.


  • neglected paths have been cleared and reinstated and maintenance is ongoing,
  • steps have been built to link up The Mumbles Way
  • the old railway stations at Dunvant, Killay and Blackpill are regularly cleared of overgrown vegetation
  • a Jubilee Wood has been planted and maintained
  • an orchard with native fruit trees has been developed and maintained
  • bridges over the river Clyne have been installed enabling users to connect with areas further afield
  • litter picks take place from time to time
  • rediscovering historical sites for users to appreciate the richness and diversity of this area

There is an annual programme of work that can be found under ‘Get Involved’ on this website. If you would like any further information, or would like to join our teams of volunteers, please contact us through general queries on the same page.

Many of these projects have been funded by various grants, enabling us to buy tools and different materials such as: steps, stepping stones, hardcore and sign posts to develop the whole Network. We have also been granted money for leaflets, mapping and have contributed to the Information Boards at the entrances to the Valley. These boards show the CVCP Network.

The Network of paths and trails that CVCP have re-instated have been checked by Swansea Council and then adopted as Permissive Paths. C.V.C.P. will continue to maintain the paths. We hope you will agree that that is a useful legacy to the Community

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