Clyne Valley has witnessed a history of rural life, agriculture, industrial endeavours and the effects of war.
Our History Forum has been – and continues to – gather and collate information about all this. Our mission is to share it here. It is shared in good faith and provides acknowledgement of sources where possible. If we make errors or omit credit where due, forgive us – our passion for the valley has overtaken us!

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Commercial colliery
Also known as Rhyd y Defaid No 2. Some evidence can be found behind the Commercial Inn, Killay although access is ext...
West Glamorgan Slant
Coal workings not far from the Fishing Lake.
Ynys Rhydydefaid Slant
James Pridmore, grandfather of Michael Heseltine, sought coal in the valley. Remains of a winding gear can be found h...
Rhydydefaid No 1 Pit
This capped mine was at least 400ft deep and powered by a steam engine. It can be found next to the ‘canal’ by the st...
Ynys Coal Pit
Very little is known about this pit
Rhydydefaid Boat Level
An underground mining canal was used to take coal to the surface.
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