Work party at Jubilee Wood – 22nd February 2020

If you were wandering around The Valley today, you might have heard our brush cutting crew hard at work. The area around the Diamond Jubilee Wood had become rather overgrown with brambles and bracken. To avoid damaging any of the saplings (now around 6′ tall) the inner part of the wood needed a more gentle approach – a job for our other volunteers using shears, secateurs and scythes. Many thanks to all involved for a really profitable morning’s work.

Before (2020)
After (2020)

How our Diamond Jubilee Wood was created….

Volunteers planting the trees in 2012

As part of the Jubilee Woods Project (run by the Woodland Trust) to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, The Clyne Valley Diamond Jubilee Wood was planted on 28th November 2012. Approximately 450 trees: hawthorn, blackthorn, rowan, oak and hazel, were planted by members of the local community and by pupils in four local primary schools: Mayals, Parkland, Cila and Dunvant. The royal oak was planted by the late Cllr Dennis James who was Lord Mayor of Swansea at that time. A time capsule, containing poems by the pupils, has been buried in this area.

The Lord Mayor burying the time capsule in 2012

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