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Clyne Valley Piggery


At the rear of the Orchard, towards the river, there are the remains of a group of brick-built pigsties.

In the late 1930s, they were used by a farmer called Beynon.  At one stage, he was spotted ploughing a field on crutches (with his leg in plaster) behind two horses. Thus he earned the nickname ‘Crutchey’.

Beynon bought pigs from Pembrokeshire and carried two pigs home in the back of the car. His wife spent most of the journey kneeling on the front passenger seat using the starting handle to keep the livestock in the back of the car.

The pigsties are now very dilapidated, with vegetation taking hold. However, they are still clear to see but beware of the uncovered cistern which collected effluent.

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