Himalayan Balsam / Brambles. Can you help us?

Written byCVCP,

You may have noticed Himalayan Balsam in areas of the Valley. Whilst the bees love this, it is an invasive species which can rapidly take hold and populate huge areas, thus preventing native plants to thrive. If you could help by pulling up some whilst walking it would be gratefully appreciated. This needs to be done either before, or during the flowering period. The plants come out easily. They can then be left at the side of the path – away from any water courses.

Below are some photos of a recent balsam bash. Thanks to Bob, Jane and Jayne.

Brambles – after the recent rain and warmish weather, in spite of brush cutting paths a few weeks ago, brambles are making a return. If you are out walking and would be happy to take a pair of secateurs, please feel free to cut any brambles that are encroaching across the paths – especially the ones waist height or above. Our brush cutters can tackle the lower lying ones.


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