Brush cutting – phase one.

Yesterday, marked the start of our planned brush cutting programme. This starts in July, after nesting season, and continues through to Autumn. The permissive paths are cut just wide enough to access the more remote locations, without disturbing wildlife. Each path has two people working together: one brush cutting at ground level and the other person cutting back with hand tools at waist/ head height. Photos below show some before and after photos on one of the paths tackled.

Brambles are the main problem. With the recent spell of hot weather, then rain, they are more prolific than ever. On a positive note though, this means that there will be plenty of blackberries to pick in the coming months! If you are wandering along the paths in the next few weeks (and have a pair of secateurs to hand!) you could help us greatly by chopping some of the higher ones that encroach on the paths.

Thanks to Jane, Jayne, Rob, Colin, Bob, John, Chris and Nigel for their sterling work.

If you would like more information about our programme of work, or if you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, go to the ‘What’s On’ section then click on volunteering.


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